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The summit 20 is over $100.00 cheaper than the yeti price for their roadie, so if you want personal coolers like yeti but cheaper to buy, this one is a great option. Although it depends on a variety of factors the tundra series offers ice retention for up to 5 days.

YETI Tundra 45 Hard Cooler Yeti tundra, Yeti tundra 45

Well, most brands, including yeti, would promise you a good 10 days of ice retention but once you put that to test it doesn’t really go as anticipated.


What coolers are as good as a yeti. Consider getting one of the best yeti coolers today and get to reap the many benefits linked to these coolers. Today, yeti has raving fans around the world who swear by their coolers, but the company is more than just a good story and a wildly enthusiastic community. The price is the icing on the cake.

Plus, the shoulder strap makes the canyon ideal to “carry to the river bank with your fly rod in the other hand.” very nice mental image. All of these features make k2 coolers as good as yeti models. It keeps ice for up to three days and has a similarly militaristic.

However, their popularity has encouraged new cooler brands to create options for buyers looking for coolers like yeti but cheaper or similarly priced but better. Beloved by dads, otterbox gives yeti a solid run for its money. The rtic coolers 65 hard cooler looks and performs very similar to the yeti tundra 65 but at a $100 less making it a great cooler option.

If you hear someone talking about his or her yeti cooler there’s a big chance he or she is talking about a yeti tundra. For some reason though, the lifetime cooler doesn’t seem quite. The same rule applies to yeti.

Cabela, igloo, yeti, coleman and more. Without that, yeti wouldn’t see the explosive growth they’ve experienced over the last decade. It’s hard to tell exactly why yeti is better, but for some reason, yeti magically makes their coolers so rigid a raging bear couldn’t tear it apart.

If you want frosty drinks on hand for outdoor gatherings this summer, you'll need a reliable cooler to hold the cold. Canyon is a great buy for the money. Though mostly absent from the slickdeals archives, canyon coolers are a plausible yeti cooler alternative that can keep ice cool for up to eight days.

But the yeti has a thicker outer plastic shell, and the insulation gives a yeti more sturdiness and reliability than a lifetime. These coolers are mostly less expensive than yeti coolers, yet they figured out how to hold ice far superior to the yeti. And, the best cooler for the money.

Reviews of the 8 best yeti alternative coolers, plus 2 to avoid: Yeti and orca are two pioneering brands in the industry of portable coolers. Even though most of their models can’t match the performances of the yeti coolers, that doesn’t mean they’re not impressive on their own.

Yeti coolers are leaders of the pack in the cooler market. Otterbox trooper 12 tote cooler. Yeti is definitely the better of the two coolers in terms of everything except for the price.

Here, our list of the 13 best coolers you can buy from brands like yeti, igloo, rovr, and more. They back it up by having really, really good products. With an empty weight of 36 lbs it is a very strong, durable and bear resistant cooler.

Ever since coming into tremendous success, yeti hasn’t droped the price of any hard cooler beyond $150 — and even that’s rare. Models like the rtic 45 can keep your drinks cold for up to 7 days, which is a very long time. Also, some of them have some new highlights.

It will keep ice for up to 10 days, hold up to 64 12oz cans, or up to 70 lbs of ice. Besides, are walmart coolers as good as yeti? The yeti tundra series is the most popular and convenient hard cooler series of the brand.

YETI Coolers Yeti cooler, Yeti tundra, Yeti tundra 45

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